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    I don't normally give 5 stars, but Dr. Slabaugh definitely deserves them! He was recommended to me by a medical professional who gave him high praise too. Dr. Slabaugh was quickly able to understand my injury and work with me to develop a plan, which included surgery. He has treated me with respect and support throughout the treatment and healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Slabaugh. He is very knowledgeable and also respects the patient's experience. I could not be happier with my physical results, as well as my experience as his patient.
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    Maxwell Alukwu

    Dr. Slabaugh is the best orthopedic surgeon that I have ever met. His knowledge, surgical expertise, friendly demeanor, and calmness helped me tremendously to recover from a torn quadricep tendon on my right knee. He performed the surgery expertly, and followed-up on my recovery protocol with succinct instructions for both physical therapy and home care. His expert advice on recovery timeline helped me tremendously manage recovery expectations. I am happy to report that after surgery on March 8, 2022, I am fully back to work without limitations.
    I will recommend Dr. Slabaugh highly and enthusiastically to anyone needing orthopedic surgical help. He is the best.
    Thank you, Dr. Mark Slabaugh.
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    Megan Elwood

    Dr. Slabaugh and his entire team at Mercy are phenomenal! I first went in knowing something wasn't right with my knee. They quickly scheduled me for my first appointment, testing and follow up. Everyone was a pleasure to speak with and to work with. The care and professionalism extended through the day of surgery and beyond my recovery. My knee hasn't felt this great and this strong in well over 15 years! Every visit was filled with care and focused on my healing. Bonus is that everyone always smiled!!
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    Charles Beach

    Injured my left shoulder, after reviewing MRI with DR. Slabaugh I had badly torn my bicep tendon and my rotator cuff was in bad shape from previous sports injuries. Dr. Slabaugh performed surgery. Reattached the tendon and cleaned up the rotator cuff, also reattached the rotator cuff and got rid of a bone spur in the joint. After the surgery he told me the procedure went very well and with good Physical Therapy I should have good use of my shoulder again. After 3 months of rigorous PT I had full range of motion. And now after almost 6 months my strength is returning. In another couple of months the doctor said I should be able to return to the gym. I'm 69 years old and my shoulder hasn't felt this good in 20 years. Thank you Dr. Slabaugh!
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    Liz Lacovara

    While many of Dr. Slabaugh's patients may have 'earned' their injuries through sports, my shoulder problem was simply from wear and tear and walking a Labrador that I didn't train properly. His care over the past 8 months - which did progress to surgery after PT and injections didn't do the trick - was absolutely fantastic. I understood the potential risks and benefits, and his predictions on the milestones I'd reach were spot on. I recommend his unreservedly, and while I hope I don't have more joint problems, his office will be my first call if I do.
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    david gray

    Dr. Slabaugh is a great doctor who fixed my ailing golf swing (actually nothing can do that), but the pain and restriction I had since 2015 is gone via surgery and PT. I would recommend my family and friends to him for care! Good job Doc!
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    Connie Womack

    Mercy hospital is one of the best hospital in the world to me. Dr. Slabaugh is one of my doctors at mercy. I first met Dr. Slabaugh in April of this year. He did a Procedure on my shoulder and stuck by me from when I first walked in his office until December 14th 2022. He is there when ever you need him or have questions about your situation. To me he is one of the best Doctor that care about his patients and they need more doctors like Dr. Slabaugh.
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    Alex Abbati

    I discovered that Dr. Slabaugh really knew his stuff when I met him in regards to my knee injury. He quickly determined what was wrong with my knee (ACL + Meniscus) and confirmed it using some tests and an MRI. He knew immediately what had to be done and let me know my options. Surgery was a breeze and I even hung out with my friend and got some fried chicken a few hours after surgery :). Healing was tough for the first few weeks, but once you're off the crutches, things get way easier exponentially (and Dr. Slabaugh continues to monitor your progress along the way, gives recommendations and answers questions). I resumed backpacking only 3 months after surgery (not recommended though lol). It's now been 10 months post-op, and I feel great. I joined a gym and am doing barbell squats, lunges, etc.. and I can even jog an 8 minute mile (something I never tried to do before I tore my ACL). Most importantly though is that my knee feels pretty stable and it is getting stronger by the week. I plan on continuing to better my health and strengthen my knee, and I realize that the outcome of my surgery relies pretty heavily on my ability to dedicate myself to the process of recovery. This whole experience really put me on a better path in life in regards to my fitness and health and state of mind. If you feel afraid, or apprehensive of the surgery, and what difficulties it might present, just realize there have been millions of people who have gotten this surgery, and Dr. Slabaugh has done this hundreds of times, if not thousands by now. I know if I ever have knee issues in the future, I will go to Dr. Slabaugh. He's a great doctor and overall just a cool dude.
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    Andres Hartman

    Very professional and really seemed to understand my perspective recovering from my acl. Would recommend to anyone.
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    John Dunlap

    Phenomenal Dr. who was as thorough and professional when assessing and diagnosing my shoulder issues. The Pre-Op and Post Op care and availability to assist in my full recovery were outstanding. I pray I won't need more orthopedic care since he has retired from the military and is on to bigger and better things. Thank you for being a Dr. who actually listens and connects with his patients. God Bless and guide you.

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