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  • Dr. Slabaugh discusses arthritis related to exercising
  • Interview with Dr. Mark Slabaugh: Running & Arthritis
  • Dr. Slabaugh discusses UCL Injuries in Pitchers and Treatment Options
  • Woman's Doctor: ACL Injuries and what to know
  • How to know if a knee injury requires surgery
  • Dr. Mark Slabaugh speaks about Winter Injuries
  • Mercy Medical Doctor Mark Slabaugh speaks on Achilles tendon pain.
  • Benefits & key takeaways of ice baths, according to Dr Slabaugh
  • Meet Dr. Mark Slabaugh, Sports Medicine Surgeon
  • Sports Medicine at Mercy
  • Is Swimming Good for Bone and Joint Health?
  • ACL Injuries More Common in Women
  • Medoscopy - Dr. Mark Slabaugh (Part 1)
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