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    John Dunlap

    Phenomenal Dr. who was as thorough and professional when assessing and diagnosing my shoulder issues. The Pre-Op and Post Op care and availability to assist in my full recovery were outstanding. I pray I won't need more orthopedic care since he has retired from the military and is on to bigger and better things. Thank you for being a Dr. who actually listens and connects with his patients. God Bless and guide you.
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    Dr. Slabaugh reconstructed my ACL with a patella tendon graft. Prior to the surgery, he diligently explained all the options available to me, making my decision stress free. Now 3 months post op, I’m confident I’ll have a knee stronger than the one I was born with. Excellent from start to finish.
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    Timothy Hilton

    Dr. Slabaugh was extremely professional from start to finish. He conducted bicep tenodesis surgery on my right shoulder to repair a torn labyrum. I'm still in recovery but the entire procedure from surgery to follow ups has been a great experience and I have had zero issues or concerns throughout the healing process. I would recommend him time and time again! Thanks for everything.
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    Alexander Molino

    Dr. Slabaugh expertly conducted an arthroscopic posterior Labrum repair. The shoulder, being a complex joint, is easily prone to mistakes. Dr. Slabaugh was done with the surgery in a matter of hours and followed up throughout my continued recovery. Thanks to him, I have full range of motion in the shoulder back and am able to resume extensive contact sport.
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    Eric Zuhlsdorf

    Dr Slabaugh has fixed me on 3 separate occasions... absolutely top notch. Told me in Layman’s terms what he needed to do and how he fixed me every time.
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    Ronald B Wood

    My fifth Othro Surgeon from the USAF Academy Hospital, Dr Mark Slabaugh was top notch and highly recommended. He provided my 10th ortho surgery repairing three tears in my right rotator cuff. His medical care from my first appt, to final post visit was nothing but professional, thorough and confident. The entire experience was 5 star. Wish him the best as he makes his transition to the civilian sector ... a great asset for any lucky medical institution.
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    Ella Kuenzli

    Dr. Slabaugh reconstructed my ACL. He greatly helped me through the decision process and my recovery.
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    I had two major rotator cuff tears in my left shoulder Dr. Slabaugh successfully repaired them both. One tear was so severe that it required superior capsule reconstruction surgery where cadaver graft is used to repair the tear. The grafted skin is anchored between the upper end of the shoulder socket and the upper end of the arm bone. From what I was told not that many surgeons are qualified to do this procedure since it is a relatively new surgery. After four months of physical therapy, I’m about 70% healing rate with more room to improve.
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    John D

    Dr. Slabaugh performed a total shoulder replacement procedure on my right shoulder. Through the entire process, Dr. Slabaugh provided all options, and pros and cons to each option. Prior to surgery, he explained what was going to happen, and what to expect as far as recovery and future mobility results. After my surgery, he continued to monitor my recovery progress and provided valuable advice and recommendations to make sure my rehabilitation went as well as possible. He is a friendly and personable doctor, and I never had any problems talking to him concerning my issue. It’s been 6 months since surgery and, throughout my recovery, Dr. Slabaugh has always provided positive encouragement and ensured me that I would be back to normal in no time. He was right. His competence and exceptional surgical skills have enabled me to get back to doing the activities I love. A truly outstanding and awesome doctor! Thanks Dr. Slabaugh.
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    Lori Kush

    Dr Slabaugh performed a subacromial decompression and Labrum repair (reattachment)...I was prepared for a challenging and long recovery. I was in a couple of stores about 6 weeks after surgery, and a few people approached me asking what surgery I had, when I told them, they each told me a horrible story about their (same) surgery...I could NOT relate. My recovery has been awesome in comparison to others who had the same surgery and I have credited it to Dr. Slabaugh...THANK YOU!!

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