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Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise for the entire body Img

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise for the entire body, especially for your bones and joints. It can also be helpful for anyone with osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones because it's a non-weight-bearing exercise.According to Mark A. Slabaugh, M.D., a board certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeon with Orthopedics and Joint Replacement at Mercy, swimming is also helpful for patients with joint issues.

"We also want to emphasize cross-training, so that people do other exercises in addition to the swimming -- things like walking and low-impact aerobics are very good. Weight training is good for joints as well," Dr. Slabaugh said. "So, it's not just swimming. We want to emphasize that individuals do a whole range of exercises so that they can not only have joint relief, but can also stimulate their muscles and joints."

Dr. Slabaugh also noted that swimming is good for patients with arthritis.View Dr. Slabuagh's interview on swimming and osteoporosis.

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