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High Intensity Low Impact Training

Mark A. Slabaugh, M.D., is an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon with Orthopedics and Joint Replacement at Mercy. In response to a query from the health and wellness site, Eat This, Not That!, Dr. Slabaugh offered insights into questions concerning the efficacy of High Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT).

"High Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT) is a form of High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) that focuses on getting your heart rate up in a way that is much gentler on the joints since it avoids high impact activities. HIIT typically involved a lot of plyometric exercises which are known to be high impact on the knees and weight bearing joints of the body. HILIT on the other hand is a very good way to get a high intensity workout increasing your heart rate without putting a lot of stress on the joints. It is beneficial for older individuals who might have some mild degenerative joint disease who are looking at losing weight without increasing their joint pain. Individuals who have joint pain, are a little over weight or enjoy a fast workout that doesn’t leave them with achy joints would be the ideal population for this type of workout."

--Mark Slabaugh, M.D.

Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Dr. Mark Slabaugh specializes in arthroscopic repair of sports-related injuries and complex knee and shoulder reconstructions, including ACL/MCL tears, shoulder instability and rotator cuff tears. He serves patients and families of central Maryland, with office locations at Mercy Personal Physicians community-based facilities in Lutherville, Overlea and Reisterstown, as well as Mercy Medical Center in downtown Baltimore.

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